Hello.  My name is AmerWitch.  I’m a queer witch with over 20 years of experience reading tarot and oracle cards.  I want to share my love of cartomancy with you.

My creative plan for 2022 is to write!  With my 20+ years, I am ready to share my thoughts and ideas on cartomancy.  Ko-fi members will get to read my post before being published here, on my website. 

I also want to try to write my tarot prompts.  I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, and this year, I think I am ready to put thoughts to paper. 

I also plan on posting more readings in my shop.  The more variety I have, the better I can serve.

With every tip, reading, membership, the money I earn helps me keep my website up, allows me to buy more decks, more books, and just be able to increase my knowledge and understand cartomancy.  The more I know, the more I can share, the more you get; it’s a win-win. 

Your support means the world to me.  Retail is my main job, but it’s healing for my soul with every dollar I earn from my Ko-fi.  Every bit of support, it’s support for me and my talents and my dream of doing all of this full time.

Let’s do this year.  Let’s make this year a bit better.  Let’s throw some cards and see what happens.