Using the layout in my @owlandbonestarot tarot planner, here is The Wall-Buster Spread.

What I see, Black Iris.  Oh, I see a lot of things changing in front of me.  It’s scary what all is changing. 

What I don’t see, Calla Lily.  I am not seeing what my heart is seeing.

The block is Buttercup.  This card has been coming up a lot for a friend, so I think he is my block right now.

The tool is Pink Yarrow.  I am raw.  I don’t know how this is gonna work for me.  We will have to see.

My new perspective is Rose and Lily, Rose for my heart, and Lily for my head.  My heart is Fireweed, quick for something new to come along.  My head is Rose, ready to let loose with the newest ideas of art.

Lot to think over right now.  Maybe daylight will bring more sense to me. 

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