October Tarot Challenge, Day 7

IT’S OKTOBER!  Let’s do @owlandbonestarot tarot challenge!

10/7/2020:  Overloaded

Focus on:  Queen of Ghost,   my dreams.  Keep working on getting this buesessness off the ground and up in the air!

Forget about:  The Hierophant, the fucking rulles of the day.  I need to do things the way I eant and not worry about everybody elses.

Fully embrace:  Reversed Magician, how do I want to do things?  I keep looking on how other tarot Instagramers lay out their cards and what not and I am very plain.  I just throw cards on my table, no crystals or doodads.  I feel that I should be doing that, I should have more decks and no, that’s not who I am.  

Overall, it’s the Fool, I am trying to start something new, trying to get my name out there. 

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