October Tarot Challenge, Day 11

IT’S OKTOBER!  Let’s do @owlandbonestarot tarot challenge!

10/11/2020:  Fall Leaves

What changes:  Hearth, home and family.  Kinda leery of this card in this spot.  I like how home is.  I do have 3 year old, twin, niece and nephew, and they are changing so much right now.

What falls away:  Vampire, what sucks the life out of you.  I did have a realization at work how, when you get rid of crap ass managers, life gets so much better and you can do your job so much better.

What is exposed:  Skull of Light, well, double whammy.  The book meaning of the card is to stop hiding and shine out.  Something is getting ready to shine hard.         

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