October Tarot Challenge, Day 16

IT’S OKTOBER!  Let’s do @owlandbonestarot tarot challenge!

10/16/2020:  Centering Spread
(NOTE:  this ins’t part of the challenge.  I didn’t like the New Moon spread so I am doing this spread from my Tarot Planner from Catherine of said @owlandbonestarot.)

Heart of the Issue:  Reversed 2 of Ghost, yes, this is going to be about him.

What’s helping:  King of Pumpkins, I have been very real about this.

What’s hindering:  Reversed Queen of Bats, I’m not being me about this.  I don’t know what that means but it’s a heavy thought to have.

What’s hiding:  Reversed Knight of Pumpkins, dreams are hiding.  Maybe I need to start writing some things out.

What’s healing:  4 of Ghost, nothing is.  I still hurt from when he left me.

Overall, The Lovers.  Fucking hell with this spread!           

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