October Tarot Challenge, Day 22

IT’S OKTOBER!  Let’s do @owlandbonestarot tarot challenge!

10/22/2020:  Be the Change, 3 cards to model how to represent yourself in the world.
I took this challenge as to pick 3 cards to represent yourself.

First we have the Queen of Bats.  She is my court card based on my Zodiac sign of Libra.  Even now as I read the card as “encouraging pain” I still think is she is me in the deck.

Next up is the Empress, and she was the 1st Major card I thought of.  As I was looking for her in my deck, I saw the High Priestess and thought I should pull her because, I’m a witch and all but, no.  The Empress is who I want to be, just the be all of power and glory and all things that my AFAB side pulls to, in my own non-binary way.

And lastly, the 3 of Bats.  This is my favorite tarot card and the one card I judge all decks by.

Once upon a time, I was in a polyamorous trio.  I saw the three swords (because in the Halloween Tarot, Bats are Swords) piercing the heart, not as the grief as the card’s main meaning, but three souls in one love.  I see this so much that others have given me readings where this card has come up and the reader did not understand until I told them of my meaning of the card.

But now, I am in the grief, as I am not in that poly trio anymore.  

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