October Tarot Challenge, Day 23

IT’S OKTOBER!  Let’s do @owlandbonestarot tarot challenge!

10/23/2020:  Mountain Pose

Find your roots:  Skull of Light, I got to shine.  I got to write the stories I write.  
Stand tall:  Ancestor, I am digging in with ancestry.com

 and finding things, like all the menfolks draft cards.  I find their height and I do come from tall people.  I need to build on what they have gave me and run with it.  I may not be the good German Roman Catholic they had hopes for but man, they all weren’t saints.

Be mindful:  Lady de los Muertos, I got to keep on being careful of my chances.  

Look outward:  Graveyard, Halloween should be good for me, this year.   

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