Cards of the Day/October Tarot Challenge, Day 31

IT’S HALLOWEEN!  Today I’m making this a duel post of @owlandbonestarot tarot challenge and my cards of the day.

The sun is all ready down where I am and I need to get cracking on some witchcraft for the night!

10/31/2020:  Full Blue Moon in Taurus:  Connect to the Spirit World

What your ancestor want you to know:  Temperance and Mummy, by the book, balance and change.  I don’t see how theses two things go together but, we will see what flies as I dig deeper into ancestor worship.

What your animal spirits want you to know:  Page of Imps and Werewolf, love how we are talking about animals and it’s a full moon and a werewolf shows up. They are telling me that I need to let go!  I need to find my spark and run with it!

What your spirit guides want you to know:  Reversed Emperor and the Underworld, same as the animal sprites, run wild my child.

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