Introspection Tarot, Day 12

Digging deep with the 2020 Introspection Tarot by @purefield.healing, let’s do it!

What must be cleared out in my life before 2021?

Shooting Star… oh boy.

By the book, this card means person of a higher sensitive, psychic and spiritual.  So, do I need to be cleared out of my own life? 

The theme for this year was Mind/Body/Soul.  I had wild plans to get all parts of my life together and that did not happen.  As this year comes to an end, I am plotting out what next year’s theme is gonna be and how to do it.

With this card coming up, I think what I need to clear out is any thoughts on how I thought my witchcraft would turn out.  I might have to clear out my goals for next year. 

This too deep for me to think about this late at night. 

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