Using my Everyday Witch Tarot deck and the Supernatural spread from @tarot_nerds, let’s do it this solstice night.

The Road So Far:  The Devil, Reversed King of Pentacles, and Reversed 8 of Swords.  It was a good time and there was a freeness to it all. 

Crossroads:  Reversed 4 of Cups and Knight of Wands.  A new look on the life I was leading and where I can go from now.

The Road Ahead:  Knight of Cups, the Hermit, and Reversed Knight of Pentacles.  There is a lot I got to work on.  There are dreams to dreams and feels to feels, all alone to make me a better person.

Knowing this was a spread based on Supernatural, I knew when I was shuffling the cards that this was about him.  I didn’t want this to be about him, but it is.

So, the Journeys’ End is Reversed 5 of Swords:  empty victory. 

But, there is the fanfic to think about:  Star.

The road was good till I came to a crossroad.  The crossroad did come out of nowhere.  I did take that crossroad to a “better” life for a bit.  The road I have to look forward to is a whole lot of learning about myself.

And where will this all end?  Not is a happy place but an ok place.

It’s the overall card, the fanfic card I call it for this spread, Star.  Star means hope.  I have hope.  I know I’m stupid to have such hope for him, but I do.

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