Empty Cup Oracle

It happened again.  I’m looking at @owlandbonestarot, and there is a deck that I must have. 

And I got it! The Empty Cup Oracle from @stasiaburrington.  And using the Interview Spread from @owlandbonestarot, let’s see what this deck is all about. 

Where does your wisdom lie?  Snake, to the point.  This deck seems not to want to play but get to the point of things. 

What is your inner strength?  Lungs, this deck will make me see new things.  That might be fun in the new year. 

What might you not see?  Mayflies, the fluff.  Again, this deck seems not to want to play or tell my stories. 

What makes you soar?  Crater, this deck is gonna remember things.  

Where do you feel grounded?  The Moon, but you feel grounded in a dream state.  There might be some play in the deck, after all. 

Where will you dig in?  Pruning Shears, cutting through the crap and telling me the truth.  

Who are you at your bare bones?  Flying Fish, this deck is gonna get me out of my routines and make me question things. 

This deck seems to have no play to it and will challenge me as a cartomancer.  I am excited and somewhat scared to start pulling from it.

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