A Compendium of Witches Oracle Deck

I did something crazy last year. I backed a Kickstarter. 

The fates brought me @natasailincic and her A Compendium of Witches Oracle Deck. 

And using @owlandbonestarot interview spread, let’s see what these cards have to say to me. 

Where does your wisdom lie?  The Companion, oOo, the more I work with the deck, the more it will tell me.  I like this.   

What is your inner strength?  The Hermit, this deck is not gonna play me.  It would be nice to have a deck that’s not so mean. 

What might you not see?  The Storyteller, the bigger picture.  Cool, show me the details, and I can find the bigger picture. 

What makes you soar?  Cornucopia, you know a lot.  I had that feeling when I open the box up.   

Where do you feel grounded?  Storm, oh, don’t sweet-talk to me like this.  Don’t tell me you will be the deck to go to when I am lost and confused.   

Where will you dig in?  The Alchemist, in everything.  I think this deck might work well with my other decks.   

Who are you at your care bones?  Standing Stone, old.   

I get the feeling that this deck is what I need right now, a deck that gots some wisdom and will be good for me.

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