New Moon

New Moon, new try of a spread from my @owlandbonestarot planner.

What are you chasing?  Page of Cups, feels, I’m chasing my feels. 

Where do you feel confined?  2 of Wands, oh I am fixing some things in my life with this magick I’m planning to do on the full moon.

What is the sword in your side?  Reversed of the Towers, *uncontrollable laughter*  AT LEAST IT’S THE REVERSED!!!

How do you defend yourself?  4 of Wands, with a party?  I do need to lift myself up out of this funk I’ve been in.

How do you come out victorious?  The Hanged Man, I may not win but I’m not going to lose either.

Overall, the Lovers, I think I am going in the right direction, I’m just not there yet.


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