New Moon

I’m not much for doing things on new moons, just ain’t my thing. 

And then I found @lionharts spread for this new moon.  I did a little magick on the full moon and this spread is just fucking calling me.

Using my Flower Speak deck because theses cards don’t play, let’s do this new moon spread.

What path had been cleared for me since the Blood Moon in Sagittarius of May 26?  Water Lily, I threw him off of me and I will live my life to the fullest, using all my witchy powers. 

What new chapter or journey am I asked to initiate under this New Moon Solar Eclipse?  Larkspur, oh the world is open for me, anything is possible! 

Energy I am invited to embrace or work with now that will benefit me in the near future:  Daffodil, witchcraft.  Oh, my plans for having a Summer Of The Witch is gonna be legit and card approve!

This spread was the balm I needed, to tell me that what I did last full moon is working and I am good.

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