Good Old Celtic Cross

I have been feeling like shit of late and work has not been a good place.  I have things cooking with that but, a card reading is always good to see where we are and where we need to be. 

Using my Rider-Waite-Smith deck, let’s do it.  

Present Position:  Hermit.  Yes, I am the old witch in the woods trying to learn all I can. 

Immediate Influence:  Reversed 8 of Pentacles:  Oh fuck yeah, no drive for anything right now. 

Goal/Destiny:  Reversed Page of Pentacles:  To have dreams and passion! 

Distant Past:  5 of Cups:  June and Pride brought up some not good memories of things lost.   

Recent Past Events:  Reversed 10 of Pentacles:  My work life is not good and I can feel that drain becoming more and more due to how it was better in the past then the shit that is going on now.   

Future Influence:  Reversed Fool:  Oh, I see this more of a warning sign then anything else.  I need to get into a groove or I will get got.   

Questioner:  Ace of Wands:  On the eve of a new month, I am ever hopeful that things will get better.   

Environmental Factor:  King of Pentacles:  I am a fucking witch and I can control what is around me.  I will use my powers to get work back inline.   

Inner Emotion:  Wheel of Fortune:  I am a hot mess right now.  I got the PMS and am dying for this Marvel weekend vacation with my boyfriend to come.   

Fin:  10 of Wands:  Being overburdened! 

What made me smile when I threw theses cards was my Overall Card of Strength.  I knew no matter what shit is going on, I have the power and strength to kick it’s ass. 

Bring it on July.  I am ready for a fight. 

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