Oracle Of The Strange Forest

I was cruising Instagram one day and I came upon Oracle of the Strange Forest by @pinkgabbercat and I had to have it.   

A week later it was in my hands and OMGs. 

The artwork is wonderful and the meanings behind each animal is a trip.  I was confused by the keywords at first but reading the book, yes.  It all made sense. 

With using @owlandbonestarot deck interviewing spread, let’s get to know my new friend!  

Where does your wisdom lie?  Snail, this is a deck of dreaminess.  Drop acid and throw the cards!  Whoot! 

What is your inner strength?  Spotted Lanternfly, while this is a dreamy deck, it’s not here to play.  I love that. 

What might you not see?  Chipmunk, this deck is gonna see.  This deck might not be able not to see it all…  I got chills… 

What makes you soar?  Cricket, groovy vibes man.  This deck is gonna be a stoner’s delight. 

Where do you feel grounded?  Tortoise, regular use.  This might be a deck that I will have to use often to keep it going. 

Where will you dig in?  Rat, smarts.  Lots of dreams and vibes and grooves but still a deck with teeth.  I’m getting excited! 

Who are you at your bare bones?  Rabbit, planner.  No mater what all, there will be an answer when I come to this deck. 

Overall, I’m excited about this deck.  I love how it’s a mix of “normal” forest animals but drawn in this acid trip way. 

I just need to start working with it!    

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