I found this spread via.  It’s by @tarot_in_the_city and part of @tarotbyveronica #weighanchortarot tarot prompts. 

This spread felt very right to today for me. 

And I am busting out my FlowerSpeak deck because I am need of the charm and no bullshit of this deck.

And for my own flair, I’m flipping cards till I find the “Death” card and pulling for the spread after that.

1: What I need to bury / leave behind:  Orchid,  money troubles.  I am trying to buy a newer car and will have to take a loan out.  I know this will be a stretched for me but I do know that I can do it.   

2: How will it help me move forward?  Easter Lily:  A newer car will be a lot less worrisome on my part.  And hopefully, a lot less repairs.

3: What lessons have I learned?  Tiger Lily:  This will get me to better independent.  Right now, I don’t own the car I am driving and it bothers me. 

4: Next steps for liberation.  Violet:  Yes, I will fell better with the newer car.

Well, I love this spread and did not foresee the cards needing to tell me about my money and my car.

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