Hello!  I got lots of news for AmerWitch Magicks!

All the fun is happening over at!

First, I have Memberships!  Starting at a $2.25 a month, you can help support Amerwitch Magicks and receive a card reading a month.  I have four leaves, including a $1 a month just for love and support. 

Second, I am having a sell!  For the next 31 days (till November 12th) all my readings are 31% off!  No code or coupons needed.  Just shop and enjoy the savings!

Thirdly, I have a new reading for the next 31 days!  With my Halloween Oracle Deck I present to you, The Jack-O’-Lantern.  I’ll give you a sample at the end of my announcement.

And lastly, I have created a Commission spot.  Don’t like what you see with my readings?  Let’s talk.  I have spreads for days, decks for days.  Let’s work together on helping you.

And now for The Jack-O’-Lantern reading!

The heart of the issues, Skeleton.  How much do I want to bare to him?  He hurt me so much I don’t know if I can just shed my skin and let him see my bones.

The hidden issues, Ghost.  There is still so much me and him need to talk before we can even think about starting over.

The major obstacle, Graveyard.  So much fear of all of this going belly up.

The main fear, Trick-or-Treat.  Are we just playing right now before we break up forever and for good?

The solution, Forgiveness.  Cards aren’t playing tonight. 

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