I’m a basic bitch who likes Supernatural and tarot and have no willpower and got the Supernatural tarot deck.

And with @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, let’s go!

Where does your wisdom lie?  10 of Blades, straight no chaser.  There is no wiggle room in this deck, it will tell the truth no matter how it may hurt.

What is your inner strength?  7 of Pentagrams, the more I work with this deck the more it will tell me.  Thankfully, this is my deck for November so, we’ll see how this plays out.

What might you not see?  Reversed Queen of Blades, this deck might sugarcoat a bit.  I understand being truthful but I don’t think this deck is gonna be blunt. 

What makes you soar?  Reversed High Priestess, are you going to play with my heart?  Truthful, sorta sugarcoated, and messing with my heart?  This really sounds like the show.

Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed Queen of Pentagrams, well, this is a trip.  This deck feels the most real with it’s about the unreal.  Again, like the show.

Where will you dig in?  3 of Bones, in the long run.  You will pay off in the long run.

Who are you at your bare bones?  The Chariot, *smiles*  Let’s go off script.  Let’s just look at what the show was, two brothers in a car, driving.  This card shows it, to a T.

Overall, this reading gives me Judgment.  With me using this as my deck for November, right after Halloween, this deck might be a real kick in the ass.

I am not in love with the artwork of this deck.  Really not in love with this artwork, at all.  I mean bones as the fire sign? 

But, with this reading, I think it might just read well.

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