Cards of the Day/Starman

Cards of the Day: Today is David Bowie’s birthday.  In honor of him, I am using The Starman Spread from the Starman tarot.

The energy source that carries the greatest potential for illumination at this time:  6 of Pentacles.  I got to be nice.  I feel like this is shit but, I will be nice.

Your female ancestors:  8 of Wands.  My feminine side needs to slow down or lose all that I have gained.

Your male ancestors:  Queen of Pentacles.  My masculine side needs to work out more.

What is most holding you back and needs to be healed and integrated at this time?  The Devil, Halloween Jack.  I need to liberate myself from my bad traits to move forward.

What energy trait will assist you and carry you purposefully forward?  Reversed Ace of Pentacles.  Just getting the work done.  Just get up and do it.

What are you growing into – your radiance and shining potential:  4 of Pentacles.  Ha!  I am growing into all my goals!

Overall, the Sun, happiness. 

Hot tramp, I love you so.

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