Cards of the Day/Lighting Bolt

Cards of the Day:

“Something happened on the day he died

Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside

Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried

(I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)”

Today we mark the day Bowie left this relm/timeline. In June of 2016, the idea that Bowie was the glue holding the universe together and his death caused the great unraveling, I believe in that whole heartily.

In honor of him, I am using the Lighting Bolt spread from the Starman tarot.

The seed – the lighting catalyst, the spark that ignites and sets the project and life forces in motion:  Reversed Ace of Swords.  I’m holding onto old ideas and old ways.  They didn’t make happy and I am striving to be happier. I need to change my ways.

The vision expressed – the new possibility in service to the world is authentically declared – the creative vehicle for the potent message:  Reversed 7 of Swords.  Anything is possible if I change,  for the better.  Even I strive just a bit, FOR THE BETTER, the rewards will pile up.

The heart – the strike of love that awakens the deep healing potential and connection that is possible through this process:  Strength.   Gotta dig deep for this.  I really need tonight to write out my 2022 plans.  That’s the start.

The powerful urge – the energy, devotion and enthusiasm required to harness resources and propel the project forward:  Queen of Swords.  I am the power.  I need to get out of my box, fight what mental blocks I have and move forward.

The ultimate manifestation – the unique essence, energy and specific form that heralds its birth into the world:  6 of Swords.   My father died December 2018.  2019 was just a wash.  2020 was gonna be my year.  It was the start of a new decade, I wore my flapper pearls on New Year’s Day, I was gonna LIVE.  This was my year!

And we know what happen.

I’m done waiting for outside sources to make things better.  I need to get up and make my own destiny.

Overall:  Temperance.  The time of rest is done.  This is a year of action.

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