PMS has been a bitch to me this week.  I didn’t realize it was PMS for a while and thought, “What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Well, there is a spread for that.  Using my #FlowerSpeak deck, I’m sure I will get an honest reading.

What The, the face of my challenge, the crux of what hounds me:  Sacred Datura and Bleeding Heart.  I am changing.  I see things now, and I may not be dealing with it that well that I need to improve.

Actual, what is real about this:  Cosmos.  Oh, it’s all real.  All I am going through is real, and I am living it. 

Fuck, what is wrong about this:  White Clover.  There is no real fuckery going on here.  This is the course that I need to be in right now to get to the next step. 

?, where do I need more info:  Hawkweed.  I need to be more honest with myself about everything.  These are the answers that I need.

!, what can I do:  Angelica.  I need to be safe with all of this. 

Is 2022 trying to make me a different person?  I am calling this year “A Witch’s Journey,” but I thought that would be more because I am focusing on cartomancy and learning more this year.

How hard is this year going to change me?

If you like this reading, you are in luck.  I just added this to my shop. 

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