Animal Guide, Day 1 and 2

Hello March.

I’m joining @lionharts with their Animal Guide prompts with my Oracle Of The Strange Forest deck!

Combining Day 1 and 2, Draw a card from an animal deck to reveal your animal guide, and why are you showing up for me right now?

My animal guild for this month is the Opossum.  Oh boy.

I have history with opossum.  I live out in the sticks, and it’s not common to have a run-in with an opossum.  With this deck, Opossum means nurturing.  I need that this month.

And why is Opossum showing up this month?  It’s because of Chipmunk.  Chipmunk tells me I have forgotten about all that is nurturing. 

I have forgotten who I am, what I am, and what I am capable of.

Buck up bitches, it’s going to be a wild ride with these prompts.

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