Animal Council Spread

I have been looking over all the spreads I have and just didn’t find one to use that felt right. 

And then @lionharts posted about their prompts and their extra spreads and duh!

With my Oracle Of The Strange Forest deck let’s do Animal Council Spread! 

What animal represents something I lack at this moment?  Snake.  I lack the power to change.  I know I have been feeling off these last few weeks.  I have been trying to get better/get out of this funk.  This proves that I haven’t had the power to do it independently. 

What animal represents my current energy best?  River Otter.  Joy?  I have joy?  Wait, that’s right.  I’ve been off and cleaning my living space, which is bringing me a level of joy.

What animal energy am I asked to embody right now?  Goose.  I need to change.  And that is true.  I am trying to change, and that is hard work.

What animal can help me give closure to something of my past?  Badger.  I need to be smart about dealing with that past thing.  I need to be smart and deal with it right to get the future I want.

What animal can aid me in my present dealings?  Owl.  More about being smart.  Have I been just stupid lately that I’m being called out about it now?

What animal can guide me towards the desired outcome of my goals?  Chickadee.  I need to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty.  I think I am in the middle of a spring cleaning, and I want to keep that energy up!

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