Animal Guide, Day 16, 17, and 18

Hello March.

 I’m joining @lionharts with their Animal Guide prompts with my Oracle Of The Strange Forest deck!

Day 16, 17, and 18.

Day 16:  A desire I should feel in support of my best self?  Boar.

A few days ago, as i was writing in my journal, I remember a line from The Craft.  I reworked it and posted it; “Now is the time, now is the hour.  Mine is the magick, mine is the power.”

And Boar shows me that I do need to get back to my power. 

Day 17:  In what way could respecting my needs liberate me?  Goose.

Goose is telling me that I change.  And I get that.  I am not going to get anywhere with my current look and being.    

Day 18:  What is the first step I can take to honor my needs?  Rat.

Rat tells me I need to be smart about things.  Being smart seem to be a theme of late.

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