Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

Instead of a Cards of the Day, let’s do a Aces Wild draw.

I feel Reversed Ace of Swords.  I feel that while I have been making strides in getting shit down, I should be doing more.

I think Reversed High Priestess.  I think the same way I feel; I’m wasting time and energy.

I want Reversed 3 of Swords.  I want this thing between my friend and me to be settled.  It’s been 24 hours since I sent him that text message, and he has not replied.

I have Page of Cups.  I had been working on a better plan for getting things done.  Now I need to do the project.

Overall, Hierophant.  I am seeking more knowledge about things, but I don’t know if I am ready for the answers.

Really overall, cards called me out, and I need to get up and get shit done. 

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