Animal Guide, Day 22, 23, and 24

Hello March.

I’m joining @lionharts with their Animal Guide prompts with my Oracle Of The Strange Forest deck!

 Day 22, 23, 24.

 Day 22:  Something you sense or feel that might help me currently?  Salamander.

 I need to get back to being me.  I have been working on making my living space clean and organized.  Once everything is clean, boom, work on my 2022 goals.  Get those goals done, me!  It’s a long haul but there is a plan there!

Day 23:  Show me where I should follow my instincts or intuition {more}?  Snake.

Snake means healing.  And in a way, I have.  I feel like I am shedding old skin and getting to a better, fresher me.

Day 24:  How can I strengthen my intuition or {animal} instinct?  Hawk.

Hawk is about discipline.  If instinct is more of a gut things, how do you get a discipline from it?  My only thought is that I need to work on myself, keep shedding layers of skin till I get to a better, realer me.

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