Animal Guide, Day 28, 29, 30, and 31

Hello March.

I’m joining @lionharts with their Animal Guide prompts with my Oracle Of The Strange Forest deck!

Day 28, 29, 30, and 31.

Day 28:  What did I learn throughout this month?  Sasquatch.  What was my major lesson?  Rabbit.  What was my minor lesson?  Badger.

I learned Sasquatch, I learned how to get my goals done.  My major lesson was Rabbit, how I am going to get though “THIS”.  The minor lesson is Badger, get the shit done so I can do the fun stuff.

Day 29:  In what area have I grown throughout the last few weeks?  Blue Jay and Cardinal.

Blue Jay and Cardinal tells me that I need to make my own path.  I know I have my goals but trying to do all of them was getting nothing done.  I now have a strong plan and will kick ass to get it done.

Day 30:  What am I guided to leave behind or part with moving forward?  Coyote.

I am not ready to deal with that right now.

Day 31:  Where am I to take my journey moving forward?  Weasel.

I got to be fucking smart next month.

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