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Inner Witch Oracle

I don’t remember how but I do recall discovering a website called Kickstarter and finding three decks I had to have. 

And one of them was Practical Magic Inner Witch Oracle by @groundedbythemoon .

The artwork was what seduced me.  Yes, I know the movie and book and am delighted by the cards.  This whole deck is just the witchy vibe I live for.

Breaking out @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, let’s see how this deck rides!

Where does your wisdom lie?  Firefly.  Around the edges.  You may not tell me directly, but you tell me.

What is your inner strength?  Lavender.  Being calm in the storm.  Will you be a soothing voice I need in times of trouble?

What might you not see?  Resurrection.  Epp.  You may not see the risks that are out there.  Ain’t that the point of divining is to SEE what may or may not happen?  Is this what you meant when you said your wisdom lies around the edges?

What makes you soar?  Witches Boots.  You are not going to be a liar, but if you can’t see, how am I sure you are not lying?

Where do you feel grounded?  Blood on the Moon.  In fate.  Ok…

Where will you dig in?  Sparrow.  In times of trouble.  Ok…

Who are you at your bare bones?  Rosemary.  Healing.

Overall, I am getting some mixed messages on how this deck will run. 

This should be a fun deck to break in. 

Ghoulish Garb’s Terror Tarot

Last October, my good friend, @Stitchedfox, gifted me Ghoulish Garb’s Terror Tarot. 

 Well, I finally got around to the deck.  And with @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, away we go!

 Where does your wisdom lie?  Judgment.  Only a major’s deck, this tracks.  I feel that I will treat this deck as more of an oracle than a tarot.  I have had problems trying to read two tarot decks simultaneously. 

 What is your inner strength?  Temperance.  A deck of balance, a deck that will mellow me out.  I can use that about now. 

 What might you not see?  Reversed Hierophant.  While being mellow and balanced, this deck might not try me with readings.  I like this idea and am not digging it at the same time.  I like a deck that challenges me and don’t want this deck to be a blah deck.

What makes you soar?  Justice.  Inner strength of Temperance and soaring Justice.  Makes me optimistic!

 Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed Tower.  With the meaning of personal/self-reflecting, this might be a good deck for some deep questions.

Where will you dig in?  Reversed Moon.  Moody.  You are a deck to go to with moody questions.

 Who are you at your bare bones?  Reversed Sun.  Cut through the bullshit and give me the raw truth.

 Overall, any reading with this deck will give me the Fool, but I think that will work.

The vibes I get is that this is a deck for moody self-reflecting that will give me an honest look at things.  Let me bring my problems, and you will set me on the right path, à la the Fool.  

Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

I am not dead.

 I suck on posting on my days off.  And with a 5-day weekend, I am happy I posted as much as I did.

So, clean slate this and see where Ace Wild takes me.

I don’t want Reversed Hierophant.  I don’t want a false prophet.  I am seeking truth and I need to get back on those fucking prompts…

I have Reversed Knight of Swords.  I have neglect on the ideas I have.  I am bogged down with physical work that I have not had a chance to think.

 I think Reversed Queen of Wands.  Again, have not had any time to think and there for, I think of nothing. 

 I feel Reversed Tower.  Yes.

Overall, the Fool.  Maybe I am at a start of something.  I need to do something.    Reversed Knight of Swords, Accept Love, and Affirmation for Growth.

Cards of the Day/WTF Tarot Check

Cards of the Day:  Having a day and I’m going to use a new spread I found, @notsomysticaltarot WTF Tarot Check In.

I am feeling Reversed 8 of Cups.  Am I?  I feel that I am not stuck in a rut.  Unless this is a new rut of me doing my daily goals and becoming a better person because, gods, that would be a sucky rut to be in.

I am finding Ace of Pentacles.  Yes!  I am finding that this new lesson plan month works for me.  I am seeing the Halloween stuff popping out, and it’s Back To School at the store.  Fall is coming!  My witchy time is coming, and I need to prepare for it!

I am failing Reversed 10 of Wands.  For today, yes.  I let my laziness win today.  I need to work on that, so my weekend off is not spent on not doing things.

I am forgetting Queen of Swords.  I am forgetting myself.  June was not a good month for me, and I am fucking determined to make July my bitch. 

Overall, Sun.  Yes, there is a heat adversity out for this week. 

And I am working on being happy all the time.

Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild Reading!  Get your’s at my shop!

Reversed Ace of Cups:  Magician.

I don’t feel the action anymore.  I do see that.  I don’t feel that I am making as much forward progress with my 2022 goals like I should be doing.  There is a lot of little things to do that takes time and ergo, not moving forward as fast as I want to.

Ace of Pentacles:  Reversed High Priestess.

I have shit, I have it bad right now…

Ace of Wands:  Reversed 6 of Swords.

I want to be in a rut?  NO!  I get it now!  I want to be in that rut where I am an adult and doing all the adult things! 

Ace of Swords:  10 of Pentacles.

I think of happy endings.  I am thinking of something wonderful and I need to get my bitches on board about it.

Overall, the Tower.

I’m going home now.

A Life in Check Spread

I ran into @northernlightstarot A Life in Check Spread, and I knew this was the one for me right now.

And using my True Heart Intuitive Tarot, I feel this will be a gut check.

Energy right now

Home:  Wheel of Fortune.  Well, anything can happen here.

Family (biological or chosen):  Queen of Swords.  Family is not doing fine…

Main person (however they appear for you):  2 of Swords.  Yes, I am a conflicted little soul right now.

Work:  Reversed King of Discs.  Work does feel unreal right now.  Great.

Advice on home (4-8 weeks):  Reversed King of Wands.  Keep calm.

Advice on home (6-8 months):  King of Swords.  Just keep calm with everything.  

Beware of Reversed 2 of Discs:  Being out of balance.

Enjoy Reversed 3 of Wands:  The roam of being here and now.  

Act on now Tower:  HA!

Advice on work (4-8 weeks):  Reversed Hermit.  It’s going to get worser.

Advice on work (6-8 months):  6 of Cups.  It was good, once upon a time…


Advice on how to speak about life right now with loved ones:  5 of Swords.  Get your shit together

Advice on how to hold oneself in moments of mis-alignment:  Moon.  I don’t know if that’s going to be possible. 

Overall, the Moon.  Oh yeah, there is a fuckery going on right now, and I need to keep going on and try to keep straight.

I will be doing this reading in the future. 

Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild

I want Reversed King of Pumpkins.  I want dreams.  I want fantasy. 

I feel Reversed Two of Pumpkins.  I feel like I’m not speaking my truth to you, Colt, about how I feel.  I don’t understand that, but, let’s keep looking.

I think Page of Bats.  I think I need to think more, study more, dig deeper.

I have Two of Imps.  I have sweet baby Loki, a conflict coming to an end.

Overall, Emperor, control.

I think this reading has bought me some insight on what’s going on.  I know there’s some things I need to work on and I have a starting point.

True Heart Intuitive Tarot

Last October, I went on a birthday shopping frenzy.  When the dust settled, Rachel True’s True Heart Intuitive Tarot was a victor.

I got this deck because I heard good things about the guidebook.  And the book is good.  True takes the Major Arcana and shows how the cards can turn up in our lives with examples from her life. 

I also found the book a bit fluffy at times but still down to earth. 

Overall, great deck and book for a beginner or a seasoned pro.  I can not wait to start using it.

With @owlandbonestarot interview spread, let’s see how this deck is.

Where does your wisdom lie?  Reversed Justice.  Is this a deck that will only show one side of the story?  That can be dangerous.

What is your inner strength?  Reversed King of Cups.  All the feels.  This is a deck of all the feels.  And after reading the guidebook, oo boy.

What might you not see?  Tower.  You won’t see the aftermath.  Are you a deck that only shows the here and now and nothing more?  A tarot deck that says don’t see the future is funny.

What makes you soar?  King of Discs.  A deck in the real, not all dreamy.  But you said you are about all the feels so… Strong in emotions but better with the real.  Hmmm.

Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed 7 of Cups.  Being grounded.    :-/

Where will you dig in?  2 of Cups.  If we work well together, I will learn so much from you.

Who are you at your bare bones?  4 of Swords.  A deck that will bring me pause.

Overall, Death.  I see this as a deck that is going to push me. I am ready for this. 

Rainbow Tarot

I am a sucker for rainbow/black print.  Something about a small burst of color on an all-black background makes my goth heart sing.

And when I saw the Rainbow Tarot, I had to have it.

With @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, let’s dig into this deck.

Where does your wisdom lie?  4 of Cups.  A deck of weariness?  We look longer at the meaning of the 4 of Cups; it also means decisions need to be made.  Are you a deck to come to when I have a choice to make?

What is your inner strength?  Reversed 7 of Pentacles.  You are going to make me work for my answers.  I do like a challenge, and I am up for it. 

What might you not see?  The Magician.  Will you not see the action I need to take?  Are you more with the mind and dreams?

What makes you soar?  Reversed 9 of Pentacles.  Money, the real power of things right now.  Or maybe you are a deck for financial questions.

Where do you feel grounded?  Judgment.  You feel grounded with spiritual awaking.  You did say you may not see action.  Interesting to be a deck of dreams and financial powers.

Where will you dig in?  Reversed Hanged Man.  Quick turnaround.  I like that.

Who are you at your bare bones?  Reversed Page of Pentacles.  A deck of dreams.

Overall, Judgment, spiritual awaking. 

Oh, this deck is going to be so much fun to use.

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