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Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

Instead of a Cards of the Day, let’s do a Aces Wild draw.

I feel Reversed Ace of Swords.  I feel that while I have been making strides in getting shit down, I should be doing more.

I think Reversed High Priestess.  I think the same way I feel; I’m wasting time and energy.

I want Reversed 3 of Swords.  I want this thing between my friend and me to be settled.  It’s been 24 hours since I sent him that text message, and he has not replied.

I have Page of Cups.  I had been working on a better plan for getting things done.  Now I need to do the project.

Overall, Hierophant.  I am seeking more knowledge about things, but I don’t know if I am ready for the answers.

Really overall, cards called me out, and I need to get up and get shit done. 

Animal Council Spread

I have been looking over all the spreads I have and just didn’t find one to use that felt right. 

And then @lionharts posted about their prompts and their extra spreads and duh!

With my Oracle Of The Strange Forest deck let’s do Animal Council Spread! 

What animal represents something I lack at this moment?  Snake.  I lack the power to change.  I know I have been feeling off these last few weeks.  I have been trying to get better/get out of this funk.  This proves that I haven’t had the power to do it independently. 

What animal represents my current energy best?  River Otter.  Joy?  I have joy?  Wait, that’s right.  I’ve been off and cleaning my living space, which is bringing me a level of joy.

What animal energy am I asked to embody right now?  Goose.  I need to change.  And that is true.  I am trying to change, and that is hard work.

What animal can help me give closure to something of my past?  Badger.  I need to be smart about dealing with that past thing.  I need to be smart and deal with it right to get the future I want.

What animal can aid me in my present dealings?  Owl.  More about being smart.  Have I been just stupid lately that I’m being called out about it now?

What animal can guide me towards the desired outcome of my goals?  Chickadee.  I need to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty.  I think I am in the middle of a spring cleaning, and I want to keep that energy up!

Aces Wild

Time for my monthly Aces Wild check-in!

I have 2 of Cups.  I have harmony.  I don’t see that right now, but ok.

I think Reversed 2 of Swords.  I think I have harmony?  Cards should be not be calling me out so soon in a spread.

I want 5 of Wands.  I want excitement.  I want passion for doing something and just loafing around.

I feel 6 of Swords.  I feel, yeah, I know.  I always feel that the next day will be better, and I fall back in the same old rut.  

Overall, Devil.  Way to call me out, deck.

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Seasons of the Witch: Samhain Oracle

A long time ago, in October, I had my birthday and went on a bit of a spending spree.  Part of my spoils was Seasons of the Witch:  Samhain Oracle.

I don’t know the words to describe the artwork.  It’s something old fashion and primitive, like Grandma Moses.

And the fact that the creators want to make an oracle deck based on all the sabbats?  Yes, I am that bitch that will buy them all. 

With the help of @owlandbonestarot interview spread, let’s see what these cards hold!

Where does your wisdom lie?  Bat, deep digging into the corners of my mind.  Yes, tell me more.

What is your inner strength?  Black Cat, pulling on me.  You will make me grow, one way or another (feel like that is a card theme this year).

What might you not see?  Spider, got jokes, I see.  You will not see because it’s all a mystery.  I feel that this deck is playing with me a bit.  Moving on. 

What makes you soar?  Healer, hmmm.  You keep saying dark and mysterious, but you are a healer at the heart of it all.  Let me think out loud the idea of you being a deck for shadow work.

Where do you feel grounded?  Nature Spirits, yeah, you got jokes.  You will tell the dark truth, but with a joke in your heart.  Are you going to be the darker version of my Flower Speak deck?

Where will you dig in?  Frog,  in the change of things.  I think you are going to be a shadow work deck.

Who are you at your bare bones?  Silence, you are nothing? 

The vibe I get is that this will be a darker version of my Flower Speak deck.  My Flower Speak deck will take your face into their hands and gently say to you, “You dumb fucking bitch.  Let me tell you what you are doing wrong.”

But how is this going to be darker?  I think this deck will be digging into the darkest parts of my soul and pulling things out that I might not want to deal.

I think I am in love, and I cannot wait to start using this deck.  


PMS has been a bitch to me this week.  I didn’t realize it was PMS for a while and thought, “What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Well, there is a spread for that.  Using my #FlowerSpeak deck, I’m sure I will get an honest reading.

What The, the face of my challenge, the crux of what hounds me:  Sacred Datura and Bleeding Heart.  I am changing.  I see things now, and I may not be dealing with it that well that I need to improve.

Actual, what is real about this:  Cosmos.  Oh, it’s all real.  All I am going through is real, and I am living it. 

Fuck, what is wrong about this:  White Clover.  There is no real fuckery going on here.  This is the course that I need to be in right now to get to the next step. 

?, where do I need more info:  Hawkweed.  I need to be more honest with myself about everything.  These are the answers that I need.

!, what can I do:  Angelica.  I need to be safe with all of this. 

Is 2022 trying to make me a different person?  I am calling this year “A Witch’s Journey,” but I thought that would be more because I am focusing on cartomancy and learning more this year.

How hard is this year going to change me?

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Precious ‘Possum Lenormand

I’ve been studying tarot for some 20 years now.  Oracle a few years less than that.  What I haven’t gotten into is Lenormand. 

And I was on the fences about that.  It’s a new system with a new deck, and do I want all that hassle if I don’t love it all?

Then I found @precious.possum’s Kickstarter.  A deck that was purple-based and was all opossum?  Yes, please!

And with @owlandbonestarot’s interview spread, let’s do this.

Where does your wisdom lie?  Book.  So, you are an intelligent deck.  Interesting.

What is your inner strength?  Sun.  And a deck that will make me grow.  That’s fair, a new system of reading and what now.

What might you not see?  Mice.  The three blind mice got their tails cut off; will you not tell me what is going on to get cut off me before it happens?

What makes you soar?  Moon.  A deck that is full of feels.  Please don’t be one that only shows the good and not the ugly.

Where do you feel grounded?  Paths.  Are you going to be a deck to come to with questions?  I would like that.

Where will you dig in?  Birds.  Catty bitch.  I think I am falling in love with you.

Who are you at your bare bones?  Birch and Bear.  oOo, passion and strength!

The overall feeling I get from this deck is that it has good vibes, will be good with questions, and has meat to it, even with all the cute opossums.

I cannot wait to start using this deck.

Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild

I want Reversed Queen of Bats.  Yeah, this one is not making any sense.  I want discouragement of my passion?  No, this is not what I want…

I have Strength.  Yes, I do.

I feel Reversed Queen of Ghosts.  Nothing.  I feel nothing.  Yes, I have been feeling blar as hell.

I think 8 of Pumpkins.  I do not think of good times at work.  Unless, we are talking about all the fun I am going to have getting all my year projects done.

Overall, Strength.  I am tried of always digging deep to make to the next day. 

Gods, this reading did not help me.

Cards of the Day/Lighting Bolt

Cards of the Day:

“Something happened on the day he died

Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside

Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried

(I’m a blackstar, I’m a blackstar)”

Today we mark the day Bowie left this relm/timeline. In June of 2016, the idea that Bowie was the glue holding the universe together and his death caused the great unraveling, I believe in that whole heartily.

In honor of him, I am using the Lighting Bolt spread from the Starman tarot.

The seed – the lighting catalyst, the spark that ignites and sets the project and life forces in motion:  Reversed Ace of Swords.  I’m holding onto old ideas and old ways.  They didn’t make happy and I am striving to be happier. I need to change my ways.

The vision expressed – the new possibility in service to the world is authentically declared – the creative vehicle for the potent message:  Reversed 7 of Swords.  Anything is possible if I change,  for the better.  Even I strive just a bit, FOR THE BETTER, the rewards will pile up.

The heart – the strike of love that awakens the deep healing potential and connection that is possible through this process:  Strength.   Gotta dig deep for this.  I really need tonight to write out my 2022 plans.  That’s the start.

The powerful urge – the energy, devotion and enthusiasm required to harness resources and propel the project forward:  Queen of Swords.  I am the power.  I need to get out of my box, fight what mental blocks I have and move forward.

The ultimate manifestation – the unique essence, energy and specific form that heralds its birth into the world:  6 of Swords.   My father died December 2018.  2019 was just a wash.  2020 was gonna be my year.  It was the start of a new decade, I wore my flapper pearls on New Year’s Day, I was gonna LIVE.  This was my year!

And we know what happen.

I’m done waiting for outside sources to make things better.  I need to get up and make my own destiny.

Overall:  Temperance.  The time of rest is done.  This is a year of action.

Cards of the Day/Starman

Cards of the Day: Today is David Bowie’s birthday.  In honor of him, I am using The Starman Spread from the Starman tarot.

The energy source that carries the greatest potential for illumination at this time:  6 of Pentacles.  I got to be nice.  I feel like this is shit but, I will be nice.

Your female ancestors:  8 of Wands.  My feminine side needs to slow down or lose all that I have gained.

Your male ancestors:  Queen of Pentacles.  My masculine side needs to work out more.

What is most holding you back and needs to be healed and integrated at this time?  The Devil, Halloween Jack.  I need to liberate myself from my bad traits to move forward.

What energy trait will assist you and carry you purposefully forward?  Reversed Ace of Pentacles.  Just getting the work done.  Just get up and do it.

What are you growing into – your radiance and shining potential:  4 of Pentacles.  Ha!  I am growing into all my goals!

Overall, the Sun, happiness. 

Hot tramp, I love you so.