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Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild

I want Reversed King of Pumpkins.  I want dreams.  I want fantasy. 

I feel Reversed Two of Pumpkins.  I feel like I’m not speaking my truth to you, Colt, about how I feel.  I don’t understand that, but, let’s keep looking.

I think Page of Bats.  I think I need to think more, study more, dig deeper.

I have Two of Imps.  I have sweet baby Loki, a conflict coming to an end.

Overall, Emperor, control.

I think this reading has bought me some insight on what’s going on.  I know there’s some things I need to work on and I have a starting point.

Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Reversed 10 of Ghost, Hearth, Hawkweed, and The Veil.

Today is about looking hard on what you call family and seeing if they serve you as you need. 

Family can mean many things.  It can be your blood, it can be the group you have at work or school.  Really look at these people.  Are they helping you become better or are they sucking you dry?

Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day: 10 of Ghost, Joy, Dandelion, and Pumpkin.

To me, April is the opposite of Oktober.  This is why I bust out all my Halloween decks and my pretty Flower Speak deck.

And!  I am breaking in my Season Of The Witch:  Samhain deck this month!  So excited!

Today, anything is possible. It is a bright new month, one day sping will be here, and I am looking forward to a Friday night of wine, crocheting, and TV.

Be happy. Treat like an act of rebellion.

Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild

I want Reversed Queen of Bats.  Yeah, this one is not making any sense.  I want discouragement of my passion?  No, this is not what I want…

I have Strength.  Yes, I do.

I feel Reversed Queen of Ghosts.  Nothing.  I feel nothing.  Yes, I have been feeling blar as hell.

I think 8 of Pumpkins.  I do not think of good times at work.  Unless, we are talking about all the fun I am going to have getting all my year projects done.

Overall, Strength.  I am tried of always digging deep to make to the next day. 

Gods, this reading did not help me.