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Rainbow Tarot

I am a sucker for rainbow/black print.  Something about a small burst of color on an all-black background makes my goth heart sing.

And when I saw the Rainbow Tarot, I had to have it.

With @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, let’s dig into this deck.

Where does your wisdom lie?  4 of Cups.  A deck of weariness?  We look longer at the meaning of the 4 of Cups; it also means decisions need to be made.  Are you a deck to come to when I have a choice to make?

What is your inner strength?  Reversed 7 of Pentacles.  You are going to make me work for my answers.  I do like a challenge, and I am up for it. 

What might you not see?  The Magician.  Will you not see the action I need to take?  Are you more with the mind and dreams?

What makes you soar?  Reversed 9 of Pentacles.  Money, the real power of things right now.  Or maybe you are a deck for financial questions.

Where do you feel grounded?  Judgment.  You feel grounded with spiritual awaking.  You did say you may not see action.  Interesting to be a deck of dreams and financial powers.

Where will you dig in?  Reversed Hanged Man.  Quick turnaround.  I like that.

Who are you at your bare bones?  Reversed Page of Pentacles.  A deck of dreams.

Overall, Judgment, spiritual awaking. 

Oh, this deck is going to be so much fun to use.

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Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

Instead of a Cards of the Day, let’s do a Aces Wild draw.

I feel Reversed Ace of Swords.  I feel that while I have been making strides in getting shit down, I should be doing more.

I think Reversed High Priestess.  I think the same way I feel; I’m wasting time and energy.

I want Reversed 3 of Swords.  I want this thing between my friend and me to be settled.  It’s been 24 hours since I sent him that text message, and he has not replied.

I have Page of Cups.  I had been working on a better plan for getting things done.  Now I need to do the project.

Overall, Hierophant.  I am seeking more knowledge about things, but I don’t know if I am ready for the answers.

Really overall, cards called me out, and I need to get up and get shit done. 

Cards of the Week

Cards of the Week for March 14th to the 20th:  Reversed 2 of Pentacles and Change and Progress.

March has shown that it’s all about balance and getting back/to/on the right path.  The end of this week will bring the Equinox, a day of perfect balance. 

This week will be rocky but we will hit our balance at the end.

Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Reversed 8 of Pentacles, Reversed Death, and Gifts.

Ok cards, what the hell?

This week is supposed to be some awaking, and all my daily picks are just BLAR.  Today is BLAR times more.

I am not in the mindset till Friday night to do a fuller reading, and maybe that’s what I need:  throw a Celtic Cross and see what all is going on.

Aces Wild

Time for my monthly Aces Wild check-in!

I have 2 of Cups.  I have harmony.  I don’t see that right now, but ok.

I think Reversed 2 of Swords.  I think I have harmony?  Cards should be not be calling me out so soon in a spread.

I want 5 of Wands.  I want excitement.  I want passion for doing something and just loafing around.

I feel 6 of Swords.  I feel, yeah, I know.  I always feel that the next day will be better, and I fall back in the same old rut.  

Overall, Devil.  Way to call me out, deck.

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