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Nightmare Before Christmas

I was gifted the Nightmare Before Christmas Deck for my birthday last month!  I will be using it for my draws till 2021! 

But, before I sink into this deck, I need to ask it some questions.  

Borrowing from @owlandbonestarot, here’s the Deck Interview spread.  

Where does your wisdom lie?  The Tower.  Ok, I was told this deck is sassy but fuck, right off the bat?  

What is your inner strength?  I got two for the price of one with 9 of Candles and Reversed Page of Potions.  Ok, so its power is in chaos and the real.   

What might you not see?  Reversed Queen of Needles, ok, with two negatives makes a positive so this deck can see the problems.  Good.  

What makes you soar?  Justice, really gonna cut thought the bullshit and give it to be clear.  Oh baby, if this is true, you just turned me on.  

Where do you feel grounded?  3 of Needles, anymore, this is my card.  I think this deck is telling me it’s gonna keep ME grounded. 

Where will you dig in?  Reversed Emperor, for being a deck that says it will keep in the here and now, when you want to go there, you will hit them feels and dreams.  

Who are you at your bare bones?  The Wheel of Fortune, hitting me with more chaos energy.  

Overall, the Hanged Man.  This seems just the opposite what all the other cards are telling me.  Maybe I need to wait and see how well this deck plays out. 

I know I need to crochet it its own bag.