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Sacred Self Tarot Challenge, Day 10, 11, and 12

Breaking in my True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck with @lionharts Sacred Self Tarot Challenge!

A Sense of Peace

 What could help me with {my practice of} living mindful?  4 of Cups.

 I need to find something.  Oh, that random though I had last night is coming to kick my ass today.

 Something I am guided to embrace wholeheartedly:  Reversed King of Cups.

 Let my feelings lose and into the world.  Fuck, I need to blog that shit out…

 What realization can bring me {more} sense of peace?  Reversed 8 of Swords.

 Something is holding me back and I need to find that and move forward.

Sacred Self Tarot Challenge, Day 7, 8, and 9

Breaking in my True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck with @lionharts Sacred Self Tarot Challenge!

 Finding Balance

What do I indulge in too much?  Reversed Temperance.  What could I change?  Reversed 8 of Cups.

I am just indulging in everything, and not of it is the good stuff.  I know that and I know I need to work on that.  I could change by just doing the fucking work on the areas I need to work on.  Fuck, this deck calls you out.

 What do I deny myself too often?  Reversed Empress.  Why should I deny myself this?  Reversed Tower.

I deny myself my anger?  That I do not understand.  And I should deny myself pain.  This doesn’t make sense to me…

What can help me maintain {a healthier} balance?  4 of Swords.

No.  I don’t need rest.  I need to get up and get going with my plans…

I’m just depressed with this reading.

Sacred Self Tarot Challenge, Day 4, 5, and 6

Breaking in my #TrueHeartIntuitiveTarot deck with @lionharts Sacred Self Tarot Challenge!

 Aligning the Self

 How can I best align myself with the here and now?  9 of Cups.

Is this about my #StrangeWeekend?  Is this how I get back?  A Marvel movie, first weekend in May, in Springfield?

What action{s} can help with empowering the self?  Princess of Swords.

No matter what, I need to feel all my feels about this weekend.  This could be good or bad.

 What focus can help with nurturing my personal needs?  10 of Cups.

 I really need to get my shit together on how me and Colt are gong to pay out this getting back together business.

Sacred Self Tarot Challenge, Day 1, 2, and 3

Breaking in my True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck with @lionharts Sacred Self Tarot Challenge!

My Sacred Space.

What is my mantra for the month of May?  Reversed Prince of Swords.

oOo.  This month is about ignoring my pain.  Wow… 

How can I best honor my sacred space this month?  Reversed King of Cups.

I need to ignore my pain but I do need to feel the feels this month.  This is going to be interesting.

What can devotion to my sacred space establish for me?  Reversed Judgment. 

Ok, that makes sense.  I keep trying to make some sort of devotion and nothing ever sticks.  I don’t think I’m meant to do such things.

Or I have been thinking about this all the wrong way… 

True Heart Intuitive Tarot

Last October, I went on a birthday shopping frenzy.  When the dust settled, Rachel True’s True Heart Intuitive Tarot was a victor.

I got this deck because I heard good things about the guidebook.  And the book is good.  True takes the Major Arcana and shows how the cards can turn up in our lives with examples from her life. 

I also found the book a bit fluffy at times but still down to earth. 

Overall, great deck and book for a beginner or a seasoned pro.  I can not wait to start using it.

With @owlandbonestarot interview spread, let’s see how this deck is.

Where does your wisdom lie?  Reversed Justice.  Is this a deck that will only show one side of the story?  That can be dangerous.

What is your inner strength?  Reversed King of Cups.  All the feels.  This is a deck of all the feels.  And after reading the guidebook, oo boy.

What might you not see?  Tower.  You won’t see the aftermath.  Are you a deck that only shows the here and now and nothing more?  A tarot deck that says don’t see the future is funny.

What makes you soar?  King of Discs.  A deck in the real, not all dreamy.  But you said you are about all the feels so… Strong in emotions but better with the real.  Hmmm.

Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed 7 of Cups.  Being grounded.    :-/

Where will you dig in?  2 of Cups.  If we work well together, I will learn so much from you.

Who are you at your bare bones?  4 of Swords.  A deck that will bring me pause.

Overall, Death.  I see this as a deck that is going to push me. I am ready for this.