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Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Reversed 6 of Swords, 4 of Swords, and Reversed Empress.

If we look at the Gospel of St. Lizzo, we hear “Oh, I’ve been so down and under pressure/I’m way too fine to be this stressed, yeah”.

And yes, I have been holding onto stress. I got a new plan: either work out, meditate, or rest everyday.

And tonight shows that I need to meditate.

Sacred Self Tarot Challenge, Day 16, 17, and 18

Breaking in my True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck with @lionharts Sacred Self Tarot Challenge!

 The Harmony of Things

 What could happen if I open {more} to my surroundings?  Wheel of Fortune.

 Well, that’s vague.  Anything can happen!  Whee!!!

 What could happen if I spend time with myself, alone?  Fool.

This is on the nose.  The theme of my year is “A Witch’s Journey” as a play on the idea that tarot is about the Fool’s journey.  Do I just need to write more?

How can I create harmony between solitary and solidarity?  Reversed 4 of Cups.

However, I do it, I need to do it in a new way.  I need to rethink how I been going about this and find a new way.

Sacred Self Tarot Challenge, Day 13, 14, and 15

Breaking in my True Heart Intuitive Tarot deck with @lionharts Sacred Self Tarot Challenge!

 The Best Things in Life

What is something I can be grateful for right now?  Hanged Man.

I am grateful that there is a balance of being in this limbo right now.

 A reminder of an achievement I can be proud of:  8 of Cups.

 I am moving on past that.  I did a huge part of that last night/this morning.  I should be proud of that.

Something good I have going for me at the moment:  2 of Wands.

I do feel better breaking that curse over that one person (see achievement I am proud of).

A Life in Check Spread

I ran into @northernlightstarot A Life in Check Spread, and I knew this was the one for me right now.

And using my True Heart Intuitive Tarot, I feel this will be a gut check.

Energy right now

Home:  Wheel of Fortune.  Well, anything can happen here.

Family (biological or chosen):  Queen of Swords.  Family is not doing fine…

Main person (however they appear for you):  2 of Swords.  Yes, I am a conflicted little soul right now.

Work:  Reversed King of Discs.  Work does feel unreal right now.  Great.

Advice on home (4-8 weeks):  Reversed King of Wands.  Keep calm.

Advice on home (6-8 months):  King of Swords.  Just keep calm with everything.  

Beware of Reversed 2 of Discs:  Being out of balance.

Enjoy Reversed 3 of Wands:  The roam of being here and now.  

Act on now Tower:  HA!

Advice on work (4-8 weeks):  Reversed Hermit.  It’s going to get worser.

Advice on work (6-8 months):  6 of Cups.  It was good, once upon a time…


Advice on how to speak about life right now with loved ones:  5 of Swords.  Get your shit together

Advice on how to hold oneself in moments of mis-alignment:  Moon.  I don’t know if that’s going to be possible. 

Overall, the Moon.  Oh yeah, there is a fuckery going on right now, and I need to keep going on and try to keep straight.

I will be doing this reading in the future.