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Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day: Reversed 2 of Wands, Reversed 5 of Cups, and Hibernation and Regeneration.

The three cards collectly is giving me Hanged Man vibes. We are stuck, paused, before moving on.

While the Hanged Man is more about living in the limbo space, the cards of today are very much saying this is chance to move to the next level.

Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

I am not dead.

 I suck on posting on my days off.  And with a 5-day weekend, I am happy I posted as much as I did.

So, clean slate this and see where Ace Wild takes me.

I don’t want Reversed Hierophant.  I don’t want a false prophet.  I am seeking truth and I need to get back on those fucking prompts…

I have Reversed Knight of Swords.  I have neglect on the ideas I have.  I am bogged down with physical work that I have not had a chance to think.

 I think Reversed Queen of Wands.  Again, have not had any time to think and there for, I think of nothing. 

 I feel Reversed Tower.  Yes.

Overall, the Fool.  Maybe I am at a start of something.  I need to do something.    Reversed Knight of Swords, Accept Love, and Affirmation for Growth.